This is goign to be a little complicated to explain but i will do my best.

We have a fax server that is connected to our AXXESS system via a media gateway connected to the SLC ports of our system. The gatway simply converts the analog to foip and sends to our fax server.

Since the axxess system will not send the digits called down once they hit an analog hunt group we had to trick the system. What we did was create phantom devices that do a system forwarding to the hunt group we can then key off the phantom device number to route our faxes to the appropriate person. this works fine for 99% of the phantom devices. however we have added a couple that are not working.

When you forward the number everything works except for the fact that something from the pbx side is parsing the forwarding numbers digts. instead of seeing 17930 it is seeing 30. If i change that phantom to another like 17842 it pushes out 17842. What in the world could be parsing the digits. I thought it was all the 179xx digits but i have a few in that range that are working.