I have recently ordered (have not recieved yet) an AVAYA Transtalk 9031 for my merlin legend system. In the meantime I have one question about the transtalk's ability to be programmed. On my regular mlx phones, I have a button programmed for *763 which is basically "show caller name/number." On most phones, I have this feature selected (green light on), so when someone calls it shows the name (instead of number) on the display. Now for the transtalk, I know you you can program features onto the unused line appearances, but is it possible to keep the *763 function selected (in the ON state -- so it shows name first) on my transtalk? If so, how can I do so?

Thanks again

Also, I was wondering about the effect of the 6 foot mounting rule. Avaya says that its best to mount the radio module at least six feet from the KSU. However, my merlin legend resides in a rather small room, with no areas six feet away from the KSU. The farthest I can mount the radio module away from the KSU is about 2-3 feet. For a small merlin legend (R7, GS/LS MLX ID, and ATL card) will there be much, or any interference if I mount the Radio module about three feet away?

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