We are just tryig to implement 'IP Office Conferencing Center 2.1'. AFter the initial problems with smtp and then some weird issues with IIS.

Now we have somethiung else that's causing us problems. we can go to the site (https://<web_server_name>/AVECS) and us the conferencing software OK. But if we use the book a conference or join a conference buttons from phone manager from desktop PC's we get the login prompt ok, but after entering the login details the browser seems to get into some strange loop and sits there utilising CPU 100% and never loads the page.

The only differnce I can see between pasting the URL into IE and using the button from Phone manager is that the Phonemanager seems to add a little bit more to URL, %2favecsweb

Can't figure out where this is coming from or where this can be edited.

Interesting from our avaya server itself we can login successfully from Phone Manager and IE.

Any idea's much appreciated.