I need a dry closure or tx audio from the 8434dx voice terminal. Can I get this from adjunct or ex mod jack on rear of 8434 dx deskset ? I can't find the pinout for those jacks anywhere. If someone can send or post the pinouts that would be very helpful. I am trying to switch between telephone and radio audio on one headset with the Harris brand Call Director application for ip radio dispatch console. I have a USB headset connected to Harris pc and I am trying to trigger a audio relay with tx audio from the headset that will provide my audio/closure, Problem is my headset mic is Not hot until my Call Director is activated. The call director needs a dry closure to activate so I am stuck. When the dispatcher answers call I need the Avaya 8434 dx deskset to provide a closure or audio so my relay will close and activate the Call director and my headset mic will go hot. Any help is welcome. Paul