Posted By: IPKII Slow mouse - 11/23/08 01:19 PM
Good afternoon..

I have an old Dell 4600 model desktop with a wireless mouse & keyboard ( over 7 years old btw ).

Lately, I have been having trouble with an un-responsive, or, slow mouse. I thought it was just certain websites I frequent & thought my PC was infected, smile , however, I have noticed the same trouble when I simply launch a program without IE7 launched.

With some programs it's fine. With some websites it's fine.

I don't think it's just an "old" mouse.

And of course, I did try new batteries...
Posted By: jwooten Re: Slow mouse - 11/23/08 01:50 PM
Try a wired mouse! I just replaced the wireless mouse on my home pc as it was doing the same thing, now the problem is gone.
Posted By: hbiss Re: Slow mouse - 11/23/08 02:27 PM
I had that problem and had to get rid of the anti-virus (McAfee). It just got too bloated for the system to handle. Try shutting your anti-virus down and see what happens.

Posted By: MacGyver Re: Slow mouse - 11/23/08 03:05 PM
You can also try deleting if from the Device Manager and reinstall the drivers.
Posted By: RobCalltrol Re: Slow mouse - 11/24/08 10:35 AM
Is there any other wireless devices operating nearby? I've noticed that when my wife and I try use our wireless mice together, mine gets less responsive, while hers is perfectly fine.
Posted By: telsetrepair Re: Slow mouse - 11/24/08 10:52 AM
Open task manager and see if there is anything new or unknown running in the background...even a screen saver can do this...also you might want to check and see that you are free of spybots, download spybot search and destroy(free version) and run a scan
Posted By: Z-man Re: Slow mouse - 11/24/08 06:47 PM
best to go to the manufacters website and get the latest drivers. You would be suprised how important this can be. I had issues with the touch pad on my Dell laptop. Went to the site and got the latest driver...voila!!
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