Our phone system is a CIX v AR5.20 with Stratagy DK 424i, with a combination of IP and digital sets. Inbound lines are 11 analog loops from a T1 concentrator thingy; the 11 lines are configured to hunt OK.

For quite some time it's been possible to forward extensions to cell phones via:

#6011 9 [cellnumber] #

However, there's a very annoying trend where forwarded calls often roll back to the auto-attendant. We just upgraded from the legacy CTX 100 to a new CPU board (I guess now we're a CIX?) and MOST programmed features worked fine. I wasn't watching when the tech did his thing, so it's feasible something slipped under the radar.

I can't duplicate this reliably, but seem to have narrowed it down a bit:

- If I dial our main line from an on-site extension ("out" then back "in"), the forwarding works consistently.
- If I dial our main line from a cell phone and dial the forwarded extension, it will "sometimes" forward. Even repeated attempts on the same extension will forward inconsistently.

I realize that dialing into our main number then being forwarded out is using two trunks; if there's a way around this I'd appreciate advice.

I noticed that 6 of 11 trunk lines are configured with Release Supervision "Not Received"; the others are "Received". Is it likely this setting is causing the problem? Do I need to reboot anything if I made this setting change to test it?

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