We are using a traditional phone company (comcast - I guess you can call them traditional). They offer a type of hunt group which allows the calls that come into our phone number to ring the first line and then after 20 seconds go to voicemail or if the first line is busy, ring the second line for 20 seconds and then go to voicemail or if the seconds line is busy ring the third line for 20 seconds and then go to voicemail. If all lines are busy just go to voicemail. We have a ring group setup on the panasonic kx-td 1232 so that the office phones ring if any calls come into any of the 3 lines and the call gets connected to whichever phone picks up first.

We are trying to port our number to a SIP provider ( - They only offer call hunt which rings the first line for 20 seonds then rings the second line for 20 seconds and then rings the third line for 20 seconds, then goes to voicemail. This makes very little sense because people will have to wait with the call ringing for 3 x 20 seconds just to get voicemail if nobody answers any of the lines. We have a ATA/FXO box (Cisco SPA8000) with 8 analog FXO ports on it.

The new provider also offers ring multiple lines at once, So I thought about just making it so each extension in the office was assigned to a separate line (for example extension 101 would ring immediately on CO1 only and extension 102 would ring immediately on CO2 only, etc...) then I would have the new provider ring all lines at once and all 8 of the office phones would light up and ring for 20 seconds and the first call to grab it would connect the call automatically. The issue we have now is that it takes a moment for the PBX to realize that the call has stopped ringing so everyones phones keep ringing after the call has already been picked up and so a number of other people try and pick up the call and just get a dial tone.

Is there any other way to setup this system to allow compatibility with new phone providers for VoIP and SIP calls. None of the sip providers seem to support traditional call hunt round robin or whatever its called. My experience is that most old analog PBX's are setup to support this older type of call handling.

Any ideas? thanks for any feedback.

[Panasonic KX-TD1232]