Hi All,

I have a customer who wishes to upgrade their existing Amanda Workgroup for Windows system. We have never had good luck with Amanda-supplied PC's, went through 4 of them in 8 years. 3 were replace under warranty by Amanda. The customer is planning on purchasing a Dell server with full redundancy(RAID). At the same time, the customer wishes to upgrade to Portal for additional functionality. The question of the day is, will Amanda Portal run properly on a Windows Server 2008R2 O.S.? The reason for this is that, XP system drivers won't work on this new Dell Server, that, and the fact that XP is ancient in the customer's eyes. At a bare minimum, Amanda Portal would need to run on Windows Server 2003.

I've tried getting an answer to this question directly from The Amanda Company, with NO RESPONSE. Apparently, they are having some "network issues" themselves(not impressive). When I called their regular number, I got an intercept stating that the number was out of service(basically). I found their new, temporary number and called it. I left a message there, twice now, with NO response from them.

Anyway, hopefully somebody here can answer this question... the customer is awaiting a response from me on this.