Definity Sys 85 G3 that has very low volume on outside calls.
Is it possible that there is an issue with my circuit. Maybe just a coincidence but I did an upgrade on the IP flex circuit about 2 months ago just to get more data bandwidth . PRI voice side should have stayed the same. In house calls have no problem but there is a very noticeable drop in volume on the IC and outbound calls. I even swapped out the console at first since she was the one complaining. Checking into it a bit further and all our Digital sets, (7406+) are very low volume also. Before I (try) to get AT&T to look into the problem on their side I just wanted to make sure I haven't overlooked something her. Only thing I see in the switch is setting on the DS1 card for IBSO db? changed it form 24 to 36 but made no difference. Swapped out tn754 cards also no change.

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Sure I can fix that! Who do I see for the check when I'm finished?