For some time now, probably close to the last three years I have noticed the date and time received by caller ID information fluctuate radically, from one hour +/- to several hours.

In the past it seemed to be a problem during the change on/off of DST here in California, namely Los Angeles County.

It seemed that when I changed from POTS service for home internet to ATT U-Verse is when it started happening. Currently the home phone and internet are through which on the hardware side is still provided by ATT.

The business line is still on a POTS connected to a 5ESS, which blows my theory out of the water that U-Verse was the problem. Caller ID from the 5ESS also fluctuates.....unless of course only data received on CO1 adjusts the TA-824s date and time, and CO2 beyond is ignored?

To the point, I have spoke with support from both ATT and I was told that Panasonic equipment was the "worst" for interpreting Caller ID data accurately.

I've had a KX-TA824 installed here which is now 10+ years old. The KXT-VA50 is now 9 years old.

For approximately the first 7 years Caller ID Date and Time never faltered.

I don't think it's the fault of Panasonic's equipment. I think ATT is merely trying to lay blame elsewhere? banghead

Your feedback is appreciated.

Don Resor

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