Hi All,
I have seen some older posts about the Rauland Telecenter V from a decade ago so I hope there's still people floating around here that know a thing or two about it.

I am trying to wire a music input into the system but am a little unsure where it'll go. I have looked over quite a few wiring schematics and see both a music input on the relay board and an Aux input on the CIO2 pin board? I'm a little confused which one is which and used for what? I want to wire an MCX-325 into the system. Secondly I've looked through the Telecenter V operations manual and there is no feature code to distribute audio programs to all or certain zones? I do know the Telecenter System 21 has that ability which is feature code #80 and #81 which doesn't seem to work on the Telecenter V? I'm not sure how the audio will go to the speakers if the relays stay closed? The unit is a TC4002 for reference. The unit contains a FAX60 amplifier, TC4002, TC4120 switch board and a master clock.

Any help will be appreciated!