maybe offering a set time limit per month and if they exceed that charging full rate for programming consultation.

I think you are going to have to decide whether or not you condone customer programming. Obviously it's gotten them in trouble and that's not going to stop as long as you provide any support in that direction. It's only going to encourage it.

My policy is that we do not provide any support for installer level programming. We will show them how to program buttons on phones and maybe walk them through something simple that needs to be changed rather than going to the site, but that's about it. I won't even provide a manual unless they twist my arm, and that's only happened once that I can remember. What they don't know can't hurt them.

I also can't see why there is an on going need for programming changes. Like you, we will handle changes for ninety days until the dust settles. After that rarely does anything need to be changed. What are your guys doing? Methinks they are just playing because you gave them information and support.


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